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Peptide Property Calculator

Calculate your Peptide: Enter a peptide sequence using 1-letter or 3-letter amino acid codes and our peptide calculator will provide the following physio-chemical properties of the sequence:
  • Molecular weight
  • Isoelectric point
  • Net charge at neutral pH (7.0)
  • Average hydrophilicity
  • Ratio of hydrophilic residues to total number of residues
  • Net charge vs. pH plot
  • Hydrophobicity plot

    Three to One Letter Converter: Pull down the menu to view the 3 to 1 conversion. (Amino Acid Table)
    Enter Peptide Sequence in Box (use one letter code)
    Hydropathy Plot Window size:
    Length: Residues...
    Molecular Weight: g/mol
    Extinction Coefficient: cm -1 M-1
    Approximate Volume: A3
    Three letter code:

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