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Peptide Synthesis for Peptide Array/Library:

96 different peptides are synthesized in a 96-well format. Each plate is individually tested for accuracy and can be used for epitope mapping, libraries, protein characterization and much more. We offer up to 20-mer peptides at 1-5 mg scale. We also offer 3 tiers of analysis and delivery is only 2-3 weeks.

96 crude peptides per plate in 96-well format:
  • 1- 3 mg scale (higher scale is available for additional charge, email us for price).
  • N-terminal modification is available for addition charge (email us for price).
  • Up to 20 amino acids in length.
  • Guaranteed above 95% successful rate.
  • For different format such as 48 well or 112, please contact us.
  • No cross contamination.
  • 2-3 week delivery.
  • Statistically significant QC of each individual plate.
Package 1 ($2880): With Mass Spectrum for 5 statistically significant peptides
Package 2 ($3980): With Mass Spectrum for every peptides
Package 3 ($4980): With Mass Spectrum and HPLC for every peptides

Synthetic peptides have emerged as highly versatile tools, useful in a broad range of research and commercial applications. Initially, synthetic peptides were primarily designed to mimic protein epitopes and used as an antigen to generate antibodies. Functional uses of peptides have matured as recent advancements in chemical peptide synthesis and the inclusion of modified amino acids have increased the research options and commercial potential of peptides. Subsequently, longer peptides have been synthesized using refined solid phase chemical synthesis techniques. These techniques combined with fragment condensation and ligation methods, have allowed for the precise synthesis of peptides over 150aa in length.

In addition to synthesis techniques, modified amino acids are being incorporated into peptides allowing customization of a peptide's chemical profile. For example, these modified amino acids can be used to change the solubility of a peptide or increase its bio-availability for use in therapeutics.

In recognition of the tremendous commercial and academic importance of peptides, Peptide 2.0 Inc. now utilizes the most advanced peptide synthesis techniques and instrumentation available. As a result, Peptide 2.0 Inc. has emerged as a world leader in peptide synthesis by consistently providing the research community with cutting-edge synthesis techniques in combination with a full-range of modification options. With peptide customers in over 30 countries, our products and services are a vital resource for academic communities and commercial organizations worldwide.

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